About Us

We are a towing company with over 15 years of experience. Our goal is to help customers find the best towing professionals in their local area. We are a rapidly-growing franchise that offers high-quality towing services and roadside assistance for customers in need. Our goal is to be a national franchise and transform the auto-towing industry.

South Field Towing, a national franchise that provides towing and roadside assistance, is growing. It offers its customers a high-quality towing experience with prompt service, great customer care, and competitive rates.

All of our affiliates are family-owned towing companies. They all get the support they need from an exceptional customer service team and excellent management solutions. They can increase their income and expand their business options.

We are convinced that South Field Towing’s vision for a new service experience, offered through our franchisees, is the standard in the United States.

You can be sure that your vehicle is in the safest hands with South Field Towing. You will find licensed, insured, and uniformed drivers for tow trucks, a dispatch center that is manned 24/7, friendly client support, very reasonable rates, and much more. You will have a unique experience that is tailored to your specific towing needs.

Every local branch is dedicated to serving the community by being available, hard-working, and loyal to the best of their ability. This is our promise to you!